Polaris Lighting Department

Polaris Lighting Ltd. is one of the most modern, dynamically developing and innovative companies for the production and trade of lighting equipment in Bulgaria. The image of the company is developed by its long-standing presence in the market for more than 20 years. It has proven itself with professional service, high quality work and fast delivery. Today, in the city of Varna, you will find the central office and showroom of the company where you will meet teams of professionals in the field of economy and engineering.

In an effort to work one step ahead of competing firms, the Polaris Lighting Department offers not only varied lighting in its showrooms, but also detailed technical advice for its most appropriate application. Photometric computer projects offer technically-based light solutions for the most specific requirements.

Permanent inventory stocks provide design and consulting professionals with the freedom to design and supply multiple lighting options.

Vision and values

Our philosophy is to preserve the vision of the company as a modern company that actively defines trends according to innovative solutions in the field of lighting. The goal of the Polaris Lighting Department is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by individually approaching each of them. The Polaris Lighting Department's products meet all the requirements and expectations for efficient lighting of indoor and outdoor spaces - banks, offices, hotels, hospitals, sports centers, schools, restaurants, supermarkets, industrial sites, parks and gardens, highways, streets and spectacular architectural lighting.

Polaris Lighting Department is able to offer a complete solution for every task in the field of lighting technology, including: